RELEASES : Neighborhood Kids NFTs Collection
The collection is a 10,000 NFTs PFP project which has currently 425 unique traits. The collection's goal is to generate a community where we will create down the road a 3D NFT collection, and have a game and a crypto coin developed to be associated with the collection. There will be companion NFTs created down the road as a surprise to be announced on a later date!

1. Creation of the 10,000/10,000 unique NFTs (Completed)

2. Release of the 10,000 unique NFTs (Completed)

3. Creation of 5,000 3D NFTs (Ongoing)

4. Creation of the 2,500 companion NFTs (Ongoing)

Welcome to the Neighborhood. The kids are diverse and of all backgrounds, some from artists and some from a little more dangerous background. Look forward to what we have in plan!

COLLABORATIONS: We will be seeking collaborations with a game development company to bring our vision to fruition.  

METAVERSE: Plans to purchase virtual land for the community's members to have exclusive events, games, and hang outs. We are seeking to find a virtual land that will be fitting for the NFT avatars so holders can enjoy social events and games.

GAME DEVELOPMENT & CRYPTOCURRENCY: There will be a crypto coin associated with the game development and our collection so our holders will be gaining and benefiting. We will seek a Play2Earn and a staking model for the coins. The game will pit two neighborhoods against each other, and the winning neighborhood will receive the larger share of the tokens rewarded for holders. This way the game will be fun, engaging, and competitive.   

GIVEAWAYS: We have many giveaways planned to grow the community in Twitter and other social media channels, rewarding the members with free NFTs. Look forward to the details to be shared! The giveaways are announced through our website, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. 

COMMUNITY WALLET: A community wallet will be created. We are allocating a total of 20% from primary sales and 10% from secondary sales towards our Community wallet. We will be utilizing these funds to build community events and build a space for our community in the Metaverse, future marketing and also a portion will go towards charity as decided by holders. We will mainly contribute towards making the world a better place. 

CHARITY CAUSE: Every 100 sales we are looking to sponsor an orphan in need for 1 year through the Red Crescent Society, it would be a great cause to change a child's life for the better. The Red Crescent would be able to share with us the profile and assist us in reaching out to the sponsored child if we as a community would like to provide further assistance, or just send a letter to the child and let the child know we are out there and we care. The Red Crescent Society does not accept payments through Crypto so it will be a liquidated bank transfer with receipt of payment will be shared for transparency to the community. Please message if you have any inquiries.  


We hope you love our roadmap, and it will be updated as we go including your valued suggestions!