RELEASES : Modern Hijabi Collection 
The collection's goal is to commemorate and empower the modern hijabi showcasing their beauty and elegance through different fashion styles from different cultures. 

8 models displaying different Hijab styles. 

Release of the first model - 5,000 unique NFTs (Completed)

Release of the second model - 5,000 unique NFTs (Completed)

Release of the third model - 5,000 unique NFTs (In Progress)

 Noting that currently we have 8 character models and are always updating the amount of assets for each model as we progress. We started with 5 different clothes designs, and we have in line 15 new additional clothes designs for the third model which will increase the uniqueness and attractiveness of the NFTs. These new additional clothes will cover casual, semi formal, abaya, business casual, and sporty lines. With each model release will have more additional clothing introduced.  The earlier models will have opportunities to receive the additional clothes lines in newly introduced limited collections which will also include a gift that will be announced on a later stage. 

COLLABORATIONS: Part of our plan is to also introduce a limited number of NFTs which will have accessories from luxury brands. We will be reaching out to these luxury brands who we will strive to collaborate with to introduce bracelets, necklaces, handbags, purses with our models. It is something in  the medium term but is something to look forward to!  If you own or represent an accessory brand and would like to communicate with us do please reach us by email. 

METAVERSE: Plans to purchase virtual land for the community's members to have exclusive events. 

GIVEAWAYS: We have many giveaways planned to grow the community in Twitter and other social media channels, rewarding the members with free NFTs. Look forward to the details to be shared! The giveaways are announced through our website, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. 

COMMUNITY WALLET: A community wallet will be created. We are allocating a total of 5% from primary sales and 5% from secondary sales towards our Community wallet. We will be utilizing these funds to build community events and build a space for our community in the Metaverse, future marketing and also a portion will go towards charity as decided by holders. We will mainly contribute towards making the world a better place. 

HOLDERS STAKE: Upon sell out, the Holders will be able to commune and decide about how the charity funds from Community wallet will be utilized. 


We hope you love our roadmap, and it will be updated as we go including your valued suggestions!