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Neighborhood Kids Collection

A collection of unique 1 /1 NFT's in the ERC-721 polygon blockchain. The Neighborhood Kids will take the world by storm! Join us in our adventure through a neighborhood kid of your choice with 425 unique traits to pick from!

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Road Map Summary

​              Neighborhood Kids



  1. Creation of the first batch of main Neighborhood Kids NFTs - 10,000 (Completed)

  2. Release of the Neighborhood Kids NFTs - 10,000 (Completed)

  • GIVEAWAYS:  We will announce on the website and social media for upcoming giveaway events. (Next giveaway - April)

  • Social Media accounts and website (Completed)

Please see the Road Map page for the complete run down and goals.

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Neighborhood Kids: A game developed, a metaverse land for the hood kids to chill in, and our very own crypto coins to be associated to growing with our collection. 

Modern Hijabi : Our wish is to onboard and place on the front line an opportunity for the modern hijabi to showcase their beauty and elegance in modesty.

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Modern Hijabi collection

A collection of unique 1 /1 NFT's in the polygon blockchain. Each with an underlying objective which is empowerment and commemoration. Our mission is difficult, and our vision is deep, but we will take steps to achieve set goals as a community and stakeholders. All NFTs will be placed on the primary market on bidding basis as you would place your offer to us to give opportunities to collect. 


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